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posted: 10/28/2013 5:01 PM

With president's name on it, it has to be good

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I had a dream that I was the president of the United States and that I invented a government health care plan for the nation that was so terrific that I named it after myself -- "Wanaskicare." It was so good that I was the first to enroll along with my wife and family. Hey, what's good for all my nation's people is good enough for me? I also mandated that all federal employees, Congress, unions, businesses, etc., with no exceptions or exemptions, must sign up too. Besides, who would not endorse a health care plan whose name was attached, because I know what's best for my people!

I awoke from my dream and now face a nightmarish reality. The masses were assembled below shouting, pleading and protesting: "Your plan is too expensive, we are losing full-time employment, doctors are leaving their practices, our insurance premiums are skyrocketing, emergency rooms are overloaded, deductibles and co-pays are unaffordable, and it's not fair that you exempt yourself and political cronies from your health care plan that bears your name!" The president turns to his wife, the first lady, and says: "What should I do?" The first lady replies: "Let them eat cake."

David Wanaski


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