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posted: 10/25/2013 5:00 AM

Money is at the root of our wars

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Peter Reynolds (Your Views, Sept. 27), after seeing the mobile Vietnam memorial wall, asked why our country was involved in Vietnam as it seemed so senseless. The answer is really quite simple: Just follow the money. Wars are very expensive, but for an elite few they can also be very profitable. Obviously those families with their names on the wall probably would not agree, but to the elite that doesn't matter -- these people were just pawns to be used up as needed.

What we have here is an ongoing, very high-stakes money game in which our worthless fiat money system needs to be continually propped up by having other countries buy our debt. However, eventually even so-called evil dictators like Hussein and Gadhafi began to realize that they were being scammed. They then refused to continue buying our debt and using U.S. dollars for trade. This obviously infuriated the banksters and was something that they could and would not tolerate; thus, events were set in motion that would lead to their removal.

Various groups like al-Qaida were deliberately set up and funded then sent out to purposely cause trouble. We then were told that we needed to fight all these evil terrorists and to free people from their oppressive government leaders. Perhaps we should start looking at our own leaders first.

Richard Gideon


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