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posted: 10/25/2013 5:00 AM

Loss of draft made problems worse

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Today we see in the news on TV and radio and newspapers across our country telling us about all the gangs and killings that go on daily. We also see a lack of moral character in young people and even Bill Cosby has noted this fact.

To many unwed women with children running the streets with no father to guide them in their up bringing. When we look at today and go back and look at yesterday the answer is obvious. We used to have what was called the draft, where every young man between the ages of 18 and 22 years old had to register with the government for the draft.

The reason this was good was it gave us an army for the country but even more, it took those young men and taught them how to live as a decent human being, washing, cleaning caring for not just yourself but others. It taught respect and that every person needed that respect regardless of who you were.

In those three years, they could also learn a trade for a way of life for when they got out of the service. The young men had three years of learning this way of life.

Today, no one teaches them anything and that is why we have the gangs and crime in the streets. We need to bring back the draft if for no other reason but to teach these fundamentals to our young people. Where is the federal government to look at the real problems of America like this one. We have the finest minds in our Institutions across the country and yet we do not ask for guidance or try to fix the gang and crime problem in America.

James Schurr Sr.


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