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posted: 10/23/2013 5:00 AM

Writer misguided on several fronts

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In response to Diane Niesman's letter of Sept. 30 criticizing Congressman Peter Roskam in particular and the GOP in general, let me say she should read something other than the Democratic National Committee's talking points. Her smorgasbord of inaccurate comments shows clearly her lack of informed discussion. I'll help her.

Concerning the Keystone XL pipeline, several oil pipelines currently crisscross the U.S. Keystone would run parallel to current pipelines and would not add environmental risk. More importantly, this issue is not about the environment, the Canadian tar sands oil will be piped somewhere either to Texas or to the Canadian west coast for shipment to other countries, namely China. This is about energy dependence first and foremost. Jobs will be created, too, and good jobs, but frankly, that's a bonus no matter how many there are. Even the most optimistic "greeniacs" know solar and wind generated energy could only provide 15 percent max of our needs.

Her comment that 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is caused by humans is so wrong it's embarrassing. This issue has been clearly debunked by the false data the IPCC created. There is no consensus, period. During the past 16 years global warming has not only stopped, in several years, the earth has cooled. I would recommend she read the recent NIPCC report.

Ms. Niesman's comment that Congress should repeal the sequestration so the government can spend more money to create jobs is rather ironic. It was President Obama who came up with the sequestration to begin with. The 2009 passage of the President's $1 trillion/year job creation bill has doubled the national debt in four years and done little. Governments do not create jobs, businesses do, and this president is anti-business, both in his tax policy and regulatory policy.

Richard Francke


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