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posted: 10/19/2013 5:00 AM

Added gun laws have no effect

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Regarding Carolina Rodriguez' letter concerning requiring gun owners to furnish medical records before getting permission to buy weapons, I am forever amazed at the willingness of some people to sacrifice other peoples' rights.

The Bill of Rights was made as broad and as absolute as the writers could contrive.

Given the damage that can be done by posting false information online and by Internet bullying, shouldn't we require anyone wishing to access the Internet to submit medical records proving their fitness to have access? Shouldn't protesters and activists be required to prove they have no violent tendencies before being allowed their constitutional right to assemble and protest or petition for redress of grievances? Shouldn't people who desire to keep their private lives private be required to submit to investigations to show they have no illegal intent before being allowed their constitutional right to privacy?

Also, does including a medical review in a firearms owner's background check do anything to stop the person who steals his or her firearms. And did we not just read of a case where a mentally unbalanced person had his medical reports submitted and ignored when he received a high-level security clearance that allowed him access to a Navy Yard building?

In almost all cases, people who seek to legally buy guns do not have medical or mental problems. The people with problems get their guns illegally.

Afflicting the law-abiding with needless restrictions does not help. If you think it does, explain the high gun crime rate in the city with the nation's most restrictive ownership requirements.

Mak W. Bailey

Round Lake Beach

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