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posted: 10/13/2013 5:00 AM

Hypocrisy rife in GOP, Tea Party

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The Republicans (and especially the loony Tea Party branch) deliberately shut down the federal government by attaching the abandonment of the Affordable Care Act as a price for passage of both the continuing resolution and raising the debt ceiling -- more demonstrative of the ignorance of these people than presenting a position point. The ACA of course already funded and the debt ceiling simply paying for what they already authorized and spent. (Try that concept out on your mortgage holder or credit card issuer.)

First, these two groups have recorded their moral values on loose-leaf paper and in pencil to maintain maximum situational flexibility. Hypocrisy is of course their major tenant. They are first in line when FEMA calls. Many have FHA loans on their homes. Many have student loans. They never hesitate to call 911 when the need arises. They rarely hesitate to support a foreign war whether it is lie-based or not. Many of their businesses were started with SBA loans. And of course they regularly piously go to church each week and never hesitate to deduct their donations from their IRS bill. But yet they do not want government in their lives (unless of course it is in your bedroom or your OB/GYN caregiver's office).

But yet they never hesitate to deny the basic elements of support (even if it is lifesaving) to the sick, the poor and the unemployed. While complaining about "do nothing" government employees they did not hesitate to propose paying furloughed government employees when they ultimately return to work. So, paying federal workers to work is unacceptable, but paying them while on a forced furlough is perfectly OK. It is a requirement that you be stupid before you can join the Republican Party or is simple ignorance sufficient?

James Prescott


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