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posted: 10/12/2013 5:00 AM

Press, websites have power to bring changes

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I was happy after reading the recent article stating that the Lake County chairman will require appointees for management jobs to sign a form (pledge) concerning what is expected of them and to uphold certain standards of ethics and responsibility should they get the position. Wouldn't it be nice if all candidates for public office were to be asked to do this as well, to set a standard that can be compared to their performance while in office? Are there any brave lawmakers who would dare to suggest this to their parties? With no ethic or moral rules to meet, they have little fear except the power of the press.

It is unlikely that officials who make the rules will limit their own authority. The press can alert us, but only when there are enough concerned voters at one time to offset entrenched incumbents can enough pressure be brought to make any changes. History indicates that uninterested or lazy voters make such a concerted action very unlikely. Legislators for the state of Illinois and Cook County have been entrenched for many years with no change. Those with enough courage to buck this system can quickly lose political backing and their lucrative job.

One can wonder if enough voters at one time will ever be angry enough to force something to be done. A nonprofit group now makes it easy to send messages about their representatives, it is ( Thankfully the free press reveals much of what is happening. Will enough voters ever get together and use such reporting and demand some action, will anyone ever use this Internet address or be interested, have they ever even heard of it?

William McNutt

Des Plaines

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