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posted: 10/11/2013 5:00 AM

Meatless diets would slow global warming

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More and more scientists and climate experts are concurring that humans cause devastating and deadly global warming. Please note that inhumanely raising and killing animals for food causes more global warming and environmental toxicity than any other destructive human activity. Vegans and vegetarians reduce cruelty to animals, pollution, deforestation, water shortages and many ecological problems that cause global warming.

Meatless cuisine is savory, cruelty-free, green and planetary friendly. Fortunately, the Chicago metropolitan area is replete with several exemplary vegan and vegetarian eateries. If humans want to finally save the planet that allows us to live, it's high time for us to stop consuming flesh-foods and thereby allow billions of our fellow creatures to live too.

Brien Comerford


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