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posted: 10/10/2013 5:00 AM

Obamacare is packed with deceit

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Government shutdown, bad? Six times in eight years the Democrats shut down the government during the Reagan presidency. And the president is doing what he does best, blame someone else for the problem. As more details of Obamacare are learned, the vast majority of American citizens want Obamacare stopped or at the least delayed.

The Republicans in the House, they are trying to do the people's will -- not Harry Reid, not the president. The president has given an exemption to dozens of large companies, and just recently delayed the small business mandate for a year. Congress itself, and their staffs (who complained that they won't be able to afford the new premiums), will get subsidized for the premiums, signed off by the president. Who's paying those subsidies? You and I, the taxpayers.

People who make six-figure salaries will get their Obamacare premiums subsidized. Where's the outrage from the people who voted for this president?

Why is Congress having to pass a continuing resolution? Because Harry Reid hasn't submitted a budget for five years. He should be in jail.

Everyday there are stories of folks losing their health insurance, their jobs, being moved from full time to part time, all because of Obamacare. Unions don't like what they've learned and have written letters to the president asking for exemptions from Obamacare. The president touts lower premiums, lower costs, keep your doctor, etc. None of it is true!

Al Haak


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