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posted: 9/25/2013 5:00 AM

Obama's leadership has failed America

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In my opinion, I do believe Mr. Obama can make a tough decision. It takes him so much time to make up his mind. Case in point: He never did give the order for the Navy Seals to take out the Somali pirates that had a sea captain, held hostage in a small boat. A Navy officer had to give the order. Also when the military requested 40,000 more troops in Afghanistan, it took him over three weeks or longer to make a decision.

And now he put his foot in his mouth, trying to show Syria how tough he is, with his red line -- and it backfired on him.

The doctor who helped our people find Osama bin Laden is rotting in jail. We lost four of our people in Benghazi, and many were injured. They were left stranded by our commander and chief. And it has been a year, and still nothing has been done about it. Who in their right mind would follow this man? We have lost all credibility in the world under his leadership.

Why should we spend money that we do not have, and put our military in harm's way, to help people that hate us? Why don't the other Middle Eastern countries go into Syria? Mr. Obama is very good at flying around the world, giving useless speeches and playing golf while the world burns. I would not trust him to organize a Little League team for fear he would screw it up. If I were a young man again I would not serve in the military under this man. I served during World War II.

Lawrence F. Boni


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