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posted: 9/24/2013 4:40 AM

Rebutting arguments against Obama

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Rebutting arguments against Obama

In response to John Craychee's letter of Sept. 17:

President Obama vilifies the rich. What about the numbers? During our current economic recovery, 95 percent of the wealth has gone to 1 percent of the population. Vilifying? How'd that happen? Big money controls the government. Should we just ignore that because we have a Democratic president?

The president has been pitting Christians against non-Christians. The whole kerfuffle over birth control being mandated was settled before the ACA passed. Religious organizations were exempted from that mandate. And by the way, the president didn't allege that the church was waging war on women. There may have been pundits who alleged that, and for good reason, but not the president. Google it.

As far as your allegation that "Obama's Democratic Party and its followers rarely miss a chance to accuse those who disagree with them of racism." Please. The president has never made any such allegations nor any leaders of the party I think these concerns have arisen because Republican controlled states have passed legislation restricting voting. If you don't think there are racial ties to this legislation, look at the numbers and demographics of the people who would be disenfranchised in states where this legislation has passed.

The one thing I agree with you on is that opposing and resisting those policies of the opposition party is a healthy part of our democratic process and does not make conservatives racist. However, you have some members of the flock that make it impossible to ignore. I believe I recently heard a darling of the Tea Party, Sen. Ted Cruz, wish that we had 100 Jesse Helmses in the Senate. Wow. Do you know what that dude was about?

Terry LaPlante


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