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posted: 9/19/2013 5:00 AM

President weakening our military might

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I am generally a hawk when there is good reason to go to war. I believe that we should protect our Allies. But what is President Obama thinking? Each bomb is roughly $1 million dollars to launch. We have high unemployment with Obamacare on the way, so the U.S. Treasury will be unable to continue supporting defense strategies. The government keeps downsizing our capabilities. Military assets are worn out and worn down. Our voluntary military is all over the world while China, Russia, Korea and Iran amass huge stockpiles of weaponry while their soldiers "rest up."

The Middle East has been at war with itself forever. The only thing that has changed is the weaponry used thanks to all the trading of weapons for oil. Nothing will ever change the mindset of this region.

We should bring home all of our men and women. We should spend time to retool, fix, make, invent, create and rest our military. We should spend our money on antidotes for the gases and toxins that will one day come to our shores.

We have the capabilities to be energy self-sufficient. We could build recycling plants that could turn our plastic back into oil. We have enough oil in our country that we do not need to be involved with crazy people from other oil producing nations.

This president is doing everything he can to make us weak from downsizing our military to weakening our Treasury with the help of career politicians, both Democrats and Republicans. Voting yes to going into Syria just to prop up this inexperienced, blame-everyone-else, golf-addicted president would be disgusting and a slap in the face to our volunteer military. No boots on the ground? Right! I will believe that when I see Congress pay down the $16 trillion debt.

Dana Lynne Mueller

Hoffman Estates

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