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posted: 9/5/2013 4:10 AM

Illinois taxes are out of control

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Illinois taxes are out of control

I have enjoyed reading updates in the Daily Herald regarding the abuses of taxpayer's money here in Illinois. It is a very important topic for me and my family. If we don't reform this quick, we will leave this state.

We pay very high property taxes, and now 5 percent of everything we make goes into state income taxes. With the high property taxes we have, ours is over $1,000 per month and we are unincorporated so have our own water/sewer, we shouldn't need state income taxes at all. It was 2.5 percent when I moved my family here, then it went to 3 percent, and is now 5 percent. Those dollars are used toward early retirements for our government workers, while the private sector needs to work much longer in order to receive much lower payments from Social Security.

Please keep up the coverage on this topic. I can only hope and pray we get serious pension reform soon, so we can hopefully bring the state income taxes and total taxation down to a reasonable amount.

I cover multiple states in a sales territory. I see many of my customers (employers) moving out of the state of Illinois and going elsewhere, as close as Indiana. We need to bring our taxes back in line so employers and nongovernment tax paying individuals want to stay here rather than move to states such as Texas and Florida where there are zero state income taxes.

Greg Brown


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