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posted: 9/3/2013 5:00 AM

We'd be better off with smaller government

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James Prescott from Schaumburg is one of those big-government-loving, high tax, nanny state kinda guys. He does not yearn for the good old days of smaller government because he worries about what you would "have to give up to return to those days" (Aug. 8). Just what largesse from the government do you rely on, James? Is the dependent culture working? After many trillions of dollars spent on eliminating poverty, the rate is not lower. It actually might have been if we only did not spend the trillions in handouts.

James even thinks health care costs will go down with Obamacare. You need to pay closer attention or get your news from more honest sources. I'm trying to think of something the federal government does efficiently and effectively, but nope, can't come up with a thing. I can only conclude we would all be better off with a way smaller government.

James is wrong, of course, but he's comforted by not having to worry about the $17 trillion debt hanging over the youth of today. He would say, don't worry, be happy, the government will take care of it!

Bill Hartman


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