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posted: 9/1/2013 5:00 AM

Respect the office of the presidency

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Congratulations to Dick Deranian of Schaumburg, who pointed out in his Aug. 26 letter, "Claims against Obama polarizing nation," that respect for the office of the presidency is lacking in this country. I would sincerely like to see some of the people who ridicule the president, poke fun at his hard work, denounce his actions, or send derogatory emails actually be in his shoes. Would they remain levelheaded, conscientious, dedicated and poised, in the midst of all the criticism, rebukes and wild accusations that are daily companions? President Obama has shown to our nation, and to the world, that it is not his comfort, his well-being or his safety that he is concerned with -- it is ours. His is not an easy job; it is filled with responsibilities and soul-searching decisions that would reduce many to despair, yet he carries on.

People may not agree with all his assertions, but the office alone deserves respect. Our opinions may differ and be stated, true. This fact is guaranteed by our Constitution. Our Constitution also provides for elections to determine whom we want to represent and lead us. President Obama was elected and, as such, he is the outreach of our decision.

The next presidential election will be in 2016. In between there will be legislative elections. We also need representatives and senators who will work with whoever is president, to lead our country forward, not put up roadblocks to hamper every initiative. We need people of integrity, who understand the word compromise and can work with others for the common good, not just "what must I do to get re-elected?" We also need people who will vote, not just complain. Rise up, America! Our freedom depends on you.

Lori Kandl


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