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posted: 8/27/2013 5:00 AM

U.S. is allowing religions full liberty

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Again, letter writer Arlene Sawicki's statement that "religious liberties are being politically challenged" (Aug. 14) flips logic and reality upside down. She knows that her Roman Catholic Church and all religions have full liberty in this country to aid all people in the areas of "schooling, health care, social services and humanitarian aid." And our country honors this concern for helping people even if we don't subscribe to her particular dogmatic belief system or partisan political prejudices often declared in letters to the editor.

But religion did not invent humanity caring for one another; people did. And we the people's secular Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee the rights of all the people to enjoy the support and protection of the government in our quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in these areas. We don't need or desire political and religious coercion or interference.

That is why most of us support the public schools with money, time and even careers. We want all families, students and teachers to have the freedom to resist ignorant political and parochial attacks and restrictions on intellectual liberty. We want students free to learn about their anthropology, biology and especially scientific knowledge about sexuality.

Most Americans want affordable health care for all. We believe health care is a human right to choose doctors and procedures and act on that private relationship without being limited by anyone's interpretation of unreliable, 2000-year-old priestly texts.

We resent religio-political fringe groups screaming and praying at women seeking health care. Meanwhile, some also deny prompt and affordable access to birth control because of the political, religious or business beliefs of leaders or bosses.

Sawicki's paranoid warning about government shutting down religious services is partisan political rhetoric and un-Christian at best. You are free to do good.

David G. Kives

Hoffman Estates

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