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posted: 8/26/2013 5:00 AM

Health care law was passed too hastily

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Congratulations to House Republicans who have been trying to repeal the disastrous Affordable Care Act, which is not affordable. The Senate should be smart enough to do the same thing, and it would save a lot of confusion and high costs.

Basic liberties are violated when taxpayers are forced into purchasing insurance that they may not want or need. The estimated cost to all of us will be $1.8 trillion. Why should we be fined by the IRS if we do not wish to purchase it?

People are being misled if they think all pre-existing conditions will be provided for, because there is a board that will be appointed that will decide who does receive medical care. By the time people go through the red tape, it might be too late.

The bill only passed by six or seven votes, and only because Democratic representatives were misled into believing that the bill would not cover abortion, while we knew it did.

I read the first 1,000 pages of the bill, but most of the legislators did not read any of it. They needed more than a few days to study the bill. Why was it shoved through in the evening hours right before the Christmas break?

To refresh your memory, the Federal Reserve Bill was voted on before a Christmas break, while most of the legislators were not in attendance, and the few people who did vote against it did read the bill. This happened in 1913.

The point is that bad legislation is always rushed, or sneaked in as amendments to other bills, and the legislators are not doing the correct job by reading all the bills.

Therese Battaglia

South Elgin

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