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posted: 8/26/2013 5:00 AM

All grads should go through 'boot camp'

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Hearing a radio report about the low number of troops available and considering the unrest of the world situation, we need to have a ready military force available.

Considering many youths of today are uncertain of their future and what direction they wish to take and where their talents could be best served, my thought is that all the available male able-body youths after high school or those who may have dropped out of school and those considering college should be required to serve in a basic training (boot camp) with the military service of their choice for a six-week training program.

This could have a positive effect on their future endeavors and enforce discipline and self respect and country pride for those involved in bad behavior and change their outlook on life. An option to enlist after this training or remain on a list for call-up if a need arises would be available.

Hopefully this program would discourage the gang participation and taking of innocent lives so prevalent in society. It would give our country a registered and pre-trained (to a degree) armed forces that can be quickly assimilated into service.

A separate but not mandatory program could be set up for females who might consider military service.

I know this sounds simplistic, but hopefully a new system can be implemented that would work.

Arlene R. Meyer


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