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posted: 8/26/2013 5:00 AM

Claims against Obama polarizing nation

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I read a letter recently critical of President Obama and describing him as the most polarizing individual in politics today without any proof or evidence to the claim. I object to such letters on the ground that polarizing effects are directed at the president by those in opposition based on a lack of patriotism and charity, racism and greed.

The most visible opponents are member of the Tea Party, which carries water for millionaires like the Koch brothers and the gun manufacturers. These efforts have succeeded in creating income disparity similar to the 1920s all in the name of turning back the clock to lower or no taxes. That, folks, is greed.

These attitudes -- beginning with the claims of Republican leaders of both chambers to oppose 100 percent any initiatives proposed by the administration, to calling out insults to the president, to refraining from any but minimal contact with this president -- stems from among other factors a lack of respect for the office and frankly a racial bias. It's no way to run a country when efforts to close the divide and cure the many visible ills are rebuffed so that others may profit and the nation decline.

Dick Deranian


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