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posted: 8/25/2013 4:40 AM

Go after the people who harm animals

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I've been an advocate for animals my entire life and rescued abandoned and abused felines in Kane County for 30 years. I can't sit idly by and do nothing about the inequities I have seen. My strong sense of justice motivates me to try to make improvements that I can. During this time I have learned more about people than these animals.

I have been deeply affected by all the animals that are cruelly treated, hunted, lost, deserted, frightened, hungry or put to death. I am disgusted by so many people who are a disgrace in how they have regarded and treated animals. I have rescued many of these less-fortunate animals who were suffering and in pain from abuse and abandonment at the hands of humans. Every one of these animals has the same feelings that we all have.

Sadly, some that have been rescued will never get well as long as they are still on this earth and couldn't be saved. But they don't go alone, and I have gone along with so many of my furry friends. Every animal that I've rescued has gifted me with a piece of their heart and in return I became as generous and loving as they all are. I have personally buried myself deeply in debt in providing the medical care that each one needed because of irresponsible people who dump them.

To those people who feel that they have a right to trap their neighbor's cats, there is a law that felines are protected under the anti-cruelty law in all 50 states from people who trap and kill these animals, so maybe the code enforcers should go after these kind of people instead of the people who show compassion for these animals.

C.J. Schultz

South Elgin

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