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posted: 8/19/2013 5:00 AM

Writer ignores Christian principles himself

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Regarding a letter on Aug. 9, the writer cites the Bible as authority to condemn homosexuals. He mistakenly claims this is a Christian nation, founded by Christians on Christian principles. The Founding Fathers were deists, believers in a natural creator who eschew religion, dogma, the Trinity and miracles. They did not believe in the story of a risen Christ. They wrote our founding documents to embrace all persons, no matter their belief or nonbelief. The personal writings of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and others clearly state so. George Washington was a deist who believed in the moral value of religion in government but not as a requirement.

As for the quotations from Leviticus used to denounce homosexuality, the writer was very selective. Had he become aware of all the rules laid down in Leviticus, he would have to deal with his wife, his daughter and his neighbors in ways which would send him to prison. He would shun the disabled. He would refrain from wearing clothing of various fibers, and he would never enjoy a shellfish dinner or barbecued ribs, among many other restrictions.

As to Christianity, Jesus Christ uttered not one word about homosexuals, but he spoke a great deal about aiding the poor and the sick; he cursed the vain and the selfish. The letter writer, in his bigotry and intolerance of others, displays his own failure to follow the teachings of his Christian religion.

Marie Harris


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