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posted: 8/13/2013 6:00 PM

Village acts like it's made of money

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You recently had an excellent article about the salaries of administrators in suburban municipalities, and who should be included in the top five but our esteemed village manager.

Schaumburg has some of the highest sales tax in the nation. Our property tax is through the roof, and as a reward for all these "benefits" we have a village manager who will take over $300,000 with him for his last salary. What kind of "wonderful" job he must have done to warrant all this largesse?

Now if someone could explain to me why a bonus should be awarded on an already very high salary that is ostensibly being offered to ensure a good job? Isn't this why we pay through the nose for these people in the first place?

Did anyone get reprimanded for the needless double planting along Schaumburg Road when they buried the wires? It cost the Schaumburg taxpayers $100,000 plus; was there at least a slap on the wrist, or did that debacle generate another "bonus" for a job well done? How about the "double" work on Salem and Schaumburg roads?

Town Square is 15 years old. How much of the work on the sidewalks and walkways has been repeated in the last five years?

What accounts for this redundance? They have cement in Europe two thousand years old; Schaumburg can't keep cement for five years without replacing it, then they tell you they have no money to replace the trees. Is there something we're missing here?

Why do our leaders in Schaumburg think the residents of Schaumburg are so rich that they can keep paying these exorbitant salaries for a village of 73,000 people whose property values are in the toilet but our taxes are in the stratosphere?

Rosemary Colbert


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