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updated: 8/8/2013 11:40 AM

Can Chiropractic Treatment Cure Neck Pain?

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Dr. Faranak Taheri

Neck pain is one of the most common problems affected by almost 70% of the adult population around the world. Besides, it is not just adults as almost every one of us have most likely faced such problem at some point of time in life. Neck pain can arise due to sports injuries, a car or a normal accident, "sleeping crooked," etc. However, most of the time there is no specific or direct cause that leads to neck pain and thus the termed nonspecific is applied. There are many symptoms associated with neck pain that patients complain about. Many of these symptoms are often confused with other conditions. Most people generally depend on medications to cure such ailments. But medications are temporary solutions, and can also lead to side effects. Surgery is also a good option, yet too expensive and can be left for last resort. Chiropractic treatment for neck pain has proven to be alternative to cure such ailments.

So wouldn't it be nice to know that what symptoms related to neck pain are most likely cured by chiropractic manipulation before the actual treatment has started? This matter has been investigated with very favorable results!

"Clinical prediction rules" is the term given to the ability to predict favorable response to chiropractic treatment. This is usually made from a combination of things analyzed from the exams and what the patient describes about their ailments. There was a large study taken place, wherein data were collected from around 20,000 patients who were receiving about 29,000 treatments. The data were analyzed to find out that what complaints were cured well with the help of chiropractic treatment. The results showed that any 4 of these below represents 7 complaints received immediate improvement in 70-95% of the patients.

1. Neck pain

2. Shoulder and arm pain

3. Reduced shoulder, neck and arm movement

4. Stiffness

5. Headache

6. Upper and mid back pain

7. None or one presenting symptom.

This proves that chiropractic treatment is certainly an effective method to cure neck pain. So what do the chiropractors do when a patient presents with neck pain?

At first, they gather all the preliminary information such as name, address and insurance information, as well as the history of the problem that the patient is facing. This consists of information such as when the neck pain has been started, what are the causes of it, and so on. Once the information is gathered, based on that the chiropractor decides the number of chiropractic sessions required by the patient.

The chiropractor uses their hand for spinal and neck manipulation, which slowly cures the pain. The best part, chiropractic treatment is completely non-invasive and no machines are used during the entire process. Some of the chiropractic therapies / advices to cure the neck pain includes:

1. Adjustments

2. Soft tissue therapy (trigger point stimulation, myofascial release)

3. Physical therapy modalities

4. Posture correction exercises and other exercises/home self-administered therapies

5. Education about job modifications

6. Co-management with other health care providers if/when needed.

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