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posted: 8/6/2013 5:00 AM

Bible clearly outlines laws on homosexuality

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This is in response to two recent letters, "Religious dogma has no place today" on July 24, and "If the Bible says it, we better get on it" on July 26. The writers in both try to show the irrelevance of the Bible today. They also try to delegitimize religious people's reliance on the Bible, concerning alternative lifestyle marriage and trying to justify their own views.

I wrote a letter published April 9 on alternative lifestyles titled "Being religious isn't what makes a 'hater'." If you choose not to believe in God or that the Bible is his word, that's up to you. For those who do, faithfully obeying is paramount. The Bible has to be used as the basis to define marriage because God created the institution. Governments adopted it into law. Social or legal reasons for gay marriage are irrelevant.

In the letters, the writers sarcastically asked questions about the Bible's addressing of interracial marriage, people being property and the treatment of those people. God created those laws for his chosen people the Israelites. God never stated at that time owning a person was wrong. However he states throughout the Bible that alternative sexual lifestyles are. No picking and choosing will change that fact.

It would seem that these folks don't have an issue with anyone but God himself. A person should use care when trying to quote the Bible. The devil, with great knowledge of the Bible, tried this with Jesus three times, only to be shown his error in doing so. The biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19 should be quite telling of God's position on alternative lifestyles let alone gay marriage. If you are unfamiliar or don't have time to read the passages, the account of the two homosexual communities didn't end well.

Steven Kochanny

Buffalo Grove

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