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posted: 7/29/2013 4:40 AM

Why single-payer insurance is needed

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Why single-payer insurance is needed

Government health insurance currently in progress is the Affordable Health Care Act for all those who lack insurance. For those poorest, the federal government defrays the costs. The federal government can provide the funds to insurers and its borrowing costs are low whereas states cannot supply the funds. States are accepting this course, helping their economies.

However, only single payer health insurance, for all, not in effect, but by its Medicare technique would cover all costs or affordable. Medicare system is noncompetitive and it succeeds for that reason, as it wastes no money for administrative overhead, lobbying politicians, demarketing to avoid the sick, marketing for the healthiest only, paying CEOs millions in bonuses, posh offices, denying care. Sixty-two percent of personal bankruptcies emanate from insurance shortage or serious illness, a 50 percent increase from 2001.

Medicare would expand Medicare single payer, for all, over and under 65, while national care denies no treatment. Doctors and hospitals treat; the federal government only pays the bills, which it receives from current employees and employers in payrolls. Medicare banks and dispenses.

Single payers using national health care could save about $400 billion -- enough to cover the uninsured and upgrade coverage for all Americans, but most of these savings require that we go all the way to single payer, i.e. only single payer.

Doctors and hospitals spend billions meeting insurers' documentation. The Affordable Health Care Act is some vital health for those uninsured, an it is federal money that is affordable as well because the federal government can borrow at low interest, which states cannot, so a single payer for all ages must include all insurance systems, including private. Most developed nations have such health insurance.

Bernice Russell

Crystal Lake

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