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posted: 7/22/2013 5:29 PM

What will it take to respect ourselves?

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I read with disgust the political mess that has come to light recently regarding the Metra board of directors. It strikes me the "gang" who controls Illinois politics has over the decades consistently robbed citizens of their tax dollars and dignity.

I find it hard to distinguish between "Madigan's Mob" in Springfield, which includes Republicans, and the street gangs in Chicago. They both prey on each other and the citizens of this state. The glaring difference is the amount of money that is stolen from the citizens by the political gang. One example is "Madigan's Mob" promised state union members billions of dollars in pensions with enough loopholes to include their families, friends, friends of friends and all of their families and friends, but the "Madigan's Mob" never funded the pensions as promised.

Citizens of this state pay billions of dollars for police protection from the street gangs who illegally steal a few billion dollars, but we all go "dumb" when we learn that "Madigan's Mob" has not only stolen the cookies from the cookie jar but also has stolen the whole store.

Where is the state inspector general? Where is the State Police? What have the last three governors done to question this totalitarian abuse of power by the "Madigan Mob" in not only the state House and Senate but also city councils, public transit boards and who knows what other government agencies.

Who is watching the "store"? Are we all that jaded and corrupt to the point we don't care anymore? What will it take for us to respect ourselves, our children, our neighbors and our great state of Illinois to say enough is enough and throw the bunch of mobsters out of office?

Roy V. Marzano

Rolling Meadows

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