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posted: 7/21/2013 4:40 AM

Trayvon coverage was despicable

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Trayvon coverage was despicable

Why have we continually been shown a picture of Trayvon Martin at age 12, rather than what he actually looked like at the age of 17 when that horrible tragedy occurred.

Trayvon was built like a grown man, with tattoos, recently had an incident with hitting a bus driver in the face because he wanted a free ride. This actually happened the same day of his tragic death, had the police been called in this incident, perhaps Trayvon Martin would still be alive. A man this size in a hoodie in the middle of the night would have definitely been a lot more menacing than the picture we see of this "sweet 12 year old."

The total media coverage of this trial was despicable. There seems to be a strong push by the media to incite racial bigotry and keep on inciting it.

Please, as a newspaper pledged to uplift the public's safety, start printing the actual truth about these events. This incident was tragic, with one person dead and another whose life will never be the same having to fear for his life forever. Just view what happens in our own Chicago every day where the violence and lives of our own innocent young children are taken everyday by the ruthless gangs running rampant in our streets.

Perhaps if we start bringing God back to America and really mean it, there will be some good changes between the different ethnic groups in this country. I have watched so many changes in our society in my long life, and I certainly do not want to go back to the times of civil strife we saw in the '60s. Here I thought we had gone beyond that, with integration in our schools, churches and neighborhoods, Please, please don't bring that distrust back again.

Georgene Beazley


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