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posted: 7/19/2013 4:40 AM

Double standard by corporate America?

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Double standard by corporate America?

My question is for "corporate America" to answer.

Why is it that the group that is first to scream about the "N" word when used by white Americans a an act of racism, but see no harm in using this term among themselves and fail to feel it is a racist action to jokingly or otherwise, refer to white people as "crackers" or "honkeys"?

Why does corporate America feel they have a right to ruin a woman, raised in the "old south," who freely admitted to maybe using the "N" word 30 or more years ago, while applauding the "good works" of a president or our United States, who broke his sacred vows to this wife through sexual misconduct not only with a junior staff member, but performed perversions with her in the Oval Office, then lied about it.

What exactly is corporate America telling the people who support them?

Patricia O'Neil

West Chicago

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