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updated: 7/17/2013 8:25 AM

Leading the country not Obama's strength

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Since 2009 the U.S. has been without a presiding president. Barack Obama won two presidential elections, but in both cases he has not accepted the responsibilities of the office. Everything wrong is blamed on George Bush, the Republicans, the Tea Party, bankers, doctors, businessmen, millionaires earning over $200,000, floods, tornadoes and anything else that can be faulted, except Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has no idea where billions of stimulus dollars have disappeared.

The Democrats rammed Obamacare through Congress and Barack Obama signed it into law; but obviously he knows nothing about it because everything he tells us about Obamacare is contrary to reality.

Fast and Furious, a government scheme to sell thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels and mobsters, resulted in the death of an American border guard and hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens. Barack Obama denies any responsibility for Fast and Furious.

Four Americans, including an ambassador, were killed and many wounded in a Benghazi terror attack. Rescue crews were ordered not to help. No one knows who gave the order to stand down or where Barack Obama was during the attack.

Barack Obama feigned ignorance and outrage when he learned the IRS was targeting conservative groups.

A president has the authority to prioritize and reassign funds in the event of a sequester. Barack Obama preferred not to exercise that authority and, as a result, even though the 2013 budget was $15 billion higher than in 2012, military funds were cut, government employees were furloughed, White House tours were canceled and lots more.

Who is running the government? Certainly not Barack Obama -- he's too busy flying around the country, campaigning and fundraising at a cost of hundreds of millions of our tax dollars.

Donald Froelich

Mount Prospect

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