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posted: 7/15/2013 5:00 AM

Seek the truth in immigration debate

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Rarely are we treated to a display of ignorance of both underlying law and the facts of a subject such as were displayed by Flo Corrigan (July 5) regarding the proposed immigration bill. To assert that any government body at any level can empower noncitizens to register and vote reflects an incredible level on "un-knowledge" in basic civics. If a permit is given to establish legal residence, a person is no longer "illegal," so an employer would have to cover this employee just like any other. To assert that legal, taxpaying workers are ineligible for benefits because of their color or ethnicity speaks loudly about the moral character of the one asserting that.

Asserting that DHS would be replaced by some nonexistent private organization is just too ignorant for words. Of course, these immigrants would probably vote as Democrats (in 13 years when eligible according to the proposal). It's a wonder why any woman, immigrant, poor person or minority would ever consider today's Republican Party positions -- unless they are fond of self-flagellation.

I am always amazed by claims that these illegal immigrants are taking away good American jobs. Just what immigrants holding these jobs are you going to rush down to replace? Why not go and picket the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley and demand the right to pick tomatoes and lettuce? How about cleaning toilets in hotels? I think not!

Why not stop drinking the Kool-Aid at the Tea Party Bar or listening to Fox News; try reading what is or is not true for yourself.

James Prescott


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