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posted: 7/8/2013 5:00 AM

Neighbors want to talk about cell tower

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My neighbors and I have lived with a cell tower in the middle of our neighborhood, without complaint, for over 20 years. Palatine did not approve this tower. It was built in 1988 when the land was empty and part of unincorporated Cook County. The tower is on Crescent Avenue, just a few feet away from the surrounding homes and yards.

The land is owned privately by a Palatine resident. The tower is owned and managed by American Tower Corp. The only company with equipment on the tower is AT&T.

When we all built or bought our homes, we were reassured the tower was completely safe. However, once you delve into all the research, nobody knows for sure. We haven't lived with these towers long enough to know the real effects. But we aren't even going to go there.

We have a win-win plan. The contract on the tower is up this August for another five-year extension. It's the perfect time for AT&T to examine whether keeping their equipment on a 25-year-old structure, managed by a middleman, in a neighborhood that is home to many children, remains the best decision.

It is very likely they could save money by dealing directly with the village and ridding themselves of this aging structure.

We have worked months to reach someone at AT&T. Aren't all companies looking to trim expenses? I guess not. We keep hitting brick wall after brick wall.

We have spoken to several people at AT&T. Each time, we are eventually told, "I cannot talk to you about this. It is being handled by Legal."

Will AT&T consider any other options? Will they at least give us the consideration of a conversation? What is the big secret?

We are respectfully asking AT&T to speak to us and/or the village before time runs out.

Vicki Wilson


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