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posted: 7/7/2013 5:00 AM

Would call to police have averted tragedy?

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I've been watching some of the George Zimmerman trial, and my heart pours out in sorrow for the families. I would be seeking justice for my child too if this had happened to him. And I began to think of an incident my son went through when he was younger: My son noticed this guy was following him and his friends, so he called 911, and within minutes the police were there and then they called me. This guy had gotten into his car and was following my son because my son kicked snow onto his walkway. There's no telling what was on this guy's mind. But my son's quick thinking by calling 911 and the officers quick response diffused a potential confrontation.

So I just wondered that if Trayvon Martin would have called 911 and said some creepy white guy is following me, how long would it have been before the police arrived?

Tom Ploski

Mount Prospect

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