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posted: 7/2/2013 4:40 AM

Gay marriage won't dissolve families

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Gay marriage won't dissolve families

Not everyone shares the same religious beliefs or studies the Bible. There is a clear choice to practice a specific religion or to practice religion at all. This does not make any one person better than another. They just believe differently and that is what religion is all about and that is why there are so many different religions and why within a religion some people believe and feel differently. This is why the religion stance against gay marriage doesn't work for all.

Marriage is based on law. An individual applies for a marriage license and they can choose to participate in a religious ceremony or have a civil/non-religious ceremony. And, laws have been changed throughout the ages to accommodate changes and necessity for human rights. In my lifetime I have seen many laws changed to provide for freedom and rights for people of specific gender and color, etc. And, in an attempt to keep those laws from changing many people found many reasons, but it was clear the laws had to change and they did. And, no one was hurt and the country did not crumble.

It is time to change the laws to provide for gay marriage and when this finally this happens across the country families will not fall apart and children will not be harmed by this. Gay people are people plain and simple. How a person conducts themselves has nothing to do with race, gender or sexuality. It has to do with that person themselves. And, I have seen plenty of loving gay couples who provide wonderful loving homes for their children -- better than many hetero couples, I might add.

Our country was is supposed to be based equality and it is time that gay couples receive that equality.

Cheryl Bast

South Elgin

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