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updated: 6/27/2013 7:09 PM

On 60th anniversary of Corvette, car lover still has style

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  • John Wood has had a lifelong love affair with sports cars.

    John Wood has had a lifelong love affair with sports cars.
    Ivy Marketing Group

Ivy Marketing Group

In 1953, when John Wood was just starting his lifelong love affair with sports cars and working as Assistant Controller for All State Insurance, the first Corvette was coming off the line in Flint Michigan.

Last year John bought his first Corvette, a sexy maroon beauty, and is now a celebrity amongst Corvette owners. At 93 Wood believes he is 40 years older than the next oldest Corvette owner.

"All my friends at Sedgebrook in Lincolnshire want me to take them for rides and I love doing it," he said. While the Corvette may arguable be a chick magnet, John surely believes it is a cop magnet. "I have been followed by cops twice in the year I have owned this car which is way more than another other sports car I have owned in the past. Maybe being red contributes to the suspicion that I am going to be breaking traffic laws, but I never do," He said. In fact, Wood has had just one high-speed ticket in his entire driving career.

Wood's first car at age 16 was a Model T Ford that set him back ten dollars! "I'd tear that thing apart and put it back together and was so proud I could top the speed off at 40 mph," he said. Wood traded up to a Model A Ford that doubled the awesome speed of the Model T.

Eventually, Wood became a Pontiac man. He never kept the car for more than 20,000 miles or longer than three years. "I once took my Pontiac G-8 out on a farm road and revved that baby up to 125 mph. Man, the telephone poles were just inches apart. I haven't driven that fast since then," he said.

While Wood knows a lot about cars, he knows just as much about negotiations. His strategy to get the best deal involves visiting multiple dealers, starting from the furthest point away and working his way toward home. By the time he gets to the closest dealer, he wields deals that are embarrassingly good.

Of course, no one can spend all their time on the road. As one of the original residents of Sedgebrook, Wood is chairman of the Dining Committee, the Men's Membership Club, works on special projects and helps greet and welcome new residents. He and his wife lived in Northbrook for 50 years and raised their son in that community. He frequently ran charity outings and helped facilitate senior housing on Waukegan Road.

As June marks the 60th anniversary of the Corvette, Wood admits that he really likes this car the best and yes, he plans to keep this top performer longer than three years.

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