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posted: 6/24/2013 5:00 AM

Fair services for fair payment of taxes

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A couple of the arguments that the anti-immigration folks offer to support their positions are 1) illegal immigrants do not pay taxes (which is generally absurd since the legitimate businesses that hire them are generally withholding taxes) and 2) the proposed covered undocumented workers should not be eligible for benefits (welfare, unemployment, health care etc.). How delightfully idiotic opposing position these are.

If you pay your obligations to society through taxes, why in the world should you not be eligible for the services of society that you paid for? The concept of taxation without representation kind of got kicked to the curb around 1776 did it not? Granted, our Founding Fathers did not even dream of considering the Constitution covering women, blacks, Latinos or Asians.

The Republican senators that have been advancing these conflicting positions really are most adept in displaying their ignorance. Isn't it time to jump off the "stupidity train"?

James Prescott


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