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updated: 6/11/2013 1:43 PM

Money was behind 'house of horrors'

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Editor's note: This letter was updated on June 11 with correct spelling of Douglas Karpen.

There is much in the news regarding abortionist Kermit Gosnell's "house of horrors." In spite of a reported annual income of $1.8 million, Gosnell did not see fit to spend some of this obscene income to sanitize and clean up his "clinic" for the mothers where the killings occurred.

As a pro-life activist since 1973, I was surprised by nothing in this horrific story. Gosnell's sordid actions are not the exception, but the norm. Whether in privately owned, or chain operations such as Planned Parenthood, money is the motivating factor, not the health of the two victims, mother and child.

We now hear that in Houston, abortionist Douglas Karpen was reported by three female staff members as basing his fee on the size of the victim. Fees for latest term abortions exceeded $4,000. Karpen also used Gosnell's method of delivering live children, then by "snipping" their spinal cord finishing the job. Just when you thought this was as brutal as it gets, we heard from the three Karpen employees that he would often end the child's life by twisting his or her head off.

As far back as 1975, abortionist Kenneth Edelin of Boston was found guilty of delivering a 24-week-old child through hysterotomy, only to suffocate the victim.

Three victims at every abortion, the innocent defenseless child, the misguided mother, and those whose allow this horror to happen. The atrocities occurring do have the advantage of educating many of the true reality of abortion. A child dies, and a mother is wounded for life, while our nation suffers. May Almighty God have mercy on our country.

Jim Finnegan


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