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posted: 6/7/2013 4:40 AM

No outrage, only excuses from Obama

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No outrage, only excuses from Obama

A letter to the editor complained that Bush does not deserve a presidential library, citing the wars. My question, does LBJ deserve his? His judgment cost 58,000 lives and the cost the same in today's dollars. What will be the legacy of the coming Obama library?

Another complained that Republicans are keeping Obama from his visions. Is his vision to withhold and give misleading information to the public? Tell me you believe the president did not know about the IRS and its attack on conservatives. Tell me you believe he did not know the truth about the Benghazi cover up and snooping on journalists.

If George were president, the scream would be "Impeach." Many believe had these challenges come out before the election, there would be no second term, I agree.

A ending thought, When oil was $1,500 a barrel and $5 a gallon gas, it was Bush and the oil companies. Now we have oil at approximately $92 a barrel and gas at 4.25 and more. No outrage only excuses Interesting, you do the math.

John Mayerhofer


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