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posted: 6/6/2013 4:40 AM

Benghazi not the result of funding

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Benghazi not the result of funding

It's unbelievable how people just drink the Obama/Clinton Kool-Aid about situations as important as Benghazi. Some claim reduced funding by the GOP was the cause for the deaths of our Ambassador and three others. Really, have you not been following the hearings?

Anyone, no matter what you call your ideology, now know that stand down orders were given by the State Department, meaning someone gave orders not to send additional support to save these Americans. It had nothing to do with funding.

Yes, they reduced the overall spending but there is plenty of available funds to use as the State Department sees fit. Apparently this was one they felt did not deserve spending additional dollars for. It is the Democrats in charge that gave the stand down orders and then came out for weeks and lied about it being a movie that caused Benghazi.

Then the Democrats and liberals want to claim that the GOP is politicizing this. No, there are important answers that need to be discovered so this does not happen again and we can eliminate the inept people that gave the orders. When you are afraid of the truth coming out, you simply defer to politicizing.

This Obama administration wastes so much taxpayer money on failing green companies, IRS, and others, that anyone passing eighth grade would know that funding was not the reason for Benghazi.

Carl Palash

Carol Stream

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