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posted: 6/6/2013 2:15 PM

Sadly, letter evoked a hateful response

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I have to say, Richard Franke's letter of May 10 is the ugliest letter I have seen in the Daily Herald. But aside from the personal attack on my opinions, it is not hate that I feel for the Republican politics, it is fear. Fear they will try to revoke my right to vote, as they have done in Pennsylvania, Florida and other states around the country; fear they will try to privatize my Social Security, a program I have paid into the past 65 years. Fear they will try to limit the health care assistance I need -- and pay for; fear they will never stop hating a U.S. president, vowing eternal objection and protest to anything connected -- directly or remotely -- to his administration, as promised so proudly by a U.S. senator from Kentucky; fear that some, no matter how mentally limited, will believe the rants and ravings of the Bachmanns and Limbaughs.

The comments in my letter of April 30 were not personally vile, as was the vitriol in Mr. Francke's, and as seen in the venom spewed by the Akens, DeMints and Gomerts on the Republican side of the aisle.

I don't see hatred in my mirror, I see it in the letters column.

Frank Sears

Buffalo Grove

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