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posted: 6/5/2013 5:00 AM

Proud to have an electric 'Obamamobile'

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I would like to respond to a letter stating that President Obama is forcing Americans to buy electric vehicles. His hypothesis is wrong on so many levels its humorous. I am biased -- I bought a Government Motors Obamamobile Chevy Volt. One, the government is not forcing anyone to buy an electric car but offering incentives to do so. If you don't want $7,500 federal tax deduction and a $4,000 state refund, buy something else.

Two, my Chevy Malibu got about 22 mpg in the city I drive about 1,000 miles a month which would be $182/month at $4 a gallon. Since I bought the Volt I have not bought gas, and in the first four months of ownership my electric bill has increased by $20 per month. That's a savings $162/month in energy expenses.

Three, some would say I am just transferring pollution from the car to the power plant. Most of the time I charge the Volt after midnight hours, which is a low usage time for the utilities. You can't just shut off a power plant which is one of the reasons for all the night lighting in the world, the grid needs a load.

Four, finding more oil to burn will not solve our energy problems. Fossil fuels have a limit. We must conserve their use for future generations. I am not saying no more oil or coal just lets be wise in our consumption.

Five, my Volt is American made. This helps keep Americans employed. Employed people buy things and pay taxes. Nothing angers me more than to park in a shopping center and mine is the only American car in the aisle. We need to once more believe in America and the American worker not with words but actions.

Robert Boros

Mount Prospect

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