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posted: 6/4/2013 4:40 AM

Government causing end to middle class

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Government causing end to middle class

The latest pension plan has been shot down. In my opinion, any plan that is going to cost the taxpayers one more dime on their tax bill is outrageous. I live in a tiny house and my tax bill is over $6,000. This is unacceptable.

Our government is out of touch with reality. Do they really think that the taxpayers can just keep funding their mistakes? No one pays into my 401(k). I don't have a pension plan with my job either. I would love to just throw out a bill/law and have taxpayers pay for my retirement years too.

What really aggravated me about the latest article regarding the plan being shot down, is that our McHenry senator Pam Althoff voted "yes" for the latest pension plan. Are you kidding me? McHenry has higher taxes than DuPage County. Hey, how about you work for the taxpayers and not for yourself and everyone else who gets a big fat paycheck, pension, health care and every other perk you can think of, all on the taxpayers dime.

I think it's time to eject everyone in our government system and let the taxpayers run it. Stop using the middle class as your personal bank account. One day, you are going to turn to the middle class and guess what? There won't be a middle class.

You will have bled us dry. Washington, own up to your mistakes. Let every employee in our government system, including the president put their money into the pension problem and leave the taxpayers alone. Believe me, every government employee has more money than I do and guess what, when they retire they won't be living on $1,000 a month from Social Security either.

Helen Clark


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