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posted: 6/3/2013 5:00 AM

Don't tamper with origin of marriage

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A recent letter asked the question, "By what mathematical and logical reason should same-sex marriage be condemned?" Using various statements based on the writer's perception of biblical teachings from both Mosaic Law and the teachings of Jesus Christ, the writer points out supposed ambiguity in these concepts. Unfortunately, the writer takes the concepts he is using to validate his argument out of context.

By what mathematical and logical reason should we obey any law? What one person sees as perfectly logical, someone else views as illogical and ill-conceived or disadvantageous to their situation. That's why people still break laws. All laws are based on somebody's version of morality. Morality goes beyond mathematical and logical reason.

Condemnation of same-sex relationships is a poor choice of words. No person has the authority to condemn any other person. The authority to condemn rests only with God. The condemnation of any individual will never be known to us as it will only take place once we leave our earthly existence.

People who support traditional marriage understand that, when studied fully, biblical teachings from both the Old Testament and the New consistently define marriage as a lifetime covenant between a man and a woman. It is by the audacity of imperfect humanity that we suggest we can redefine marriage to something other than its divine origin.

Peter Gennuso


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