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posted: 6/2/2013 4:40 AM

W. Aurora dodged a bullet on sex case

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W. Aurora dodged a bullet on sex case

We should thank the Kane County State's Attorney, the West Aurora School Board and officials of the West Aurora Schools for their recent lesson in civic education. You can violate state law and school policy and procedures, make no comments as to any fault, not be named for any wrongdoing and have the top law enforcement officer of the county just send you to school to remind you of the job you should have done in the first place.

This is good news for students and parents as apparently you will no longer be held responsible if you are late for school, fail to call the attendance office or other infractions. The example they just set speaks volumes as to the lofty regard these highly educated individuals have for your regard to safely operate the schools.

What a relief for West Aurora school officials, you get to keep your jobs, avoid prosecution and continue your careers without fear that your highly compensated salaries, benefits and pensions will be unaffected. Reading should also improve now that the state's attorney is sending you back to school. Maybe now you will be able to read and understand what you had signed when you promised to uphold the law and protect the children in the district.

Or if they have the courage these officials should acknowledge their failures and take some responsibility, but that would be asking too much as they have too much to lose like the confidence of the citizens who support the schools.

Better to say and do nothing. Lesson learned.

Dan Hoefler


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