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posted: 5/27/2013 4:40 AM

Obama pushing hybrids on us

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Obama pushing hybrids on us

It amazes me how this administration is continually harping on the new "hybrids." The United States has more oil deposits under its own grounds than there is in the Mideast where we pay ungodly amounts of money to people who want to kill us.

Several years ago, from my cousin's home in Hillside, Ill., one could see the skyline of Chicago and, yes, it was blurry, smoggy. The emissions control was instituted then and the car manufacturers were mandated to make the new cars more "efficient" and less polluting.

Years ago I had traveled to the Los Angeles area to visit relatives (El Cajon). Yes, there were times in the L.A. area when I had to pull off the road as my eyes watered. Now, I go to my cousin's and look at the Chicago skyline, 14 miles away, and the skyline is as clear as a bell, yet, this administration is trying to force the public to buy these hybrids, starting at $26,000 on up.

As I, and many others are strictly on Social Security, however long that will last, I cannot afford a new hybrid and $4 gas prices is ridiculous. Yet, this administration, who gets everything on the taxpayer's dime, is constantly harping for the public to buy the hybrids -- save the environment.

Easy for these money-grabbers to say -- those that are living off my taxpaying dollars. The emission controls have worked; cars are now cleaner. Those that were polluters are off the roads. The U.S. is dependent on oil, there is no doubt. It's about time this administration wakes up. The average citizen cannot afford what they propose. We have the petroleum reserves; start using them, if nothing else but to rid us of foreign oil dependence.

David Ronske


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