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posted: 5/27/2013 5:00 AM

Adults should accept consequences of choices

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Accept consequences of your choices

Once again, I read how a professional athlete's family is suing because he committed suicide and they feel it is due to the head injuries he suffered while choosing to play a sport (in this case hockey). He was an adult making a decision to play a sport which we all know could lead to serious injuries. Where were these family members when he was making good money playing, and why weren't they begging him to stop before anything serious happened to him? Were they enjoying the good life his income afforded them and therefore ignoring the potential of serious injury?

As adults we all make decision regarding our lives, and we have to live with the results of those decisions, but they are no one's fault but our own. If a parent makes the decision regarding their child(ren) then that adult is responsible -- no one else. But why in our present day society do we always blame someone else when bad things happen instead of the person making the decision? Could it be due to the courts allowing ridiculous "rewards" from these lawsuits for what we've done to ourselves?

Janet Lumm


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