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posted: 5/27/2013 5:00 AM

Relevance of biblical laws questionable

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Relevance of biblical laws questionable

The laws of Moses were or are believed to be laws of God in the Jewish, Islamic and Christian faiths to varying extents. There is a law of Moses that condemns male homosexual sex which is brought up in debates over gay marriages. There is also a law that says that if a man hates his wife then he should give her a divorce and let her be someone else's wife.

There is a law of God predating Moses that requires people to "be fruitful and multiply," making marriage and reproduction requisite. There is another law that requires a man to marry his deceased brother's widow. This law forced polygamy if the surviving brother was already married.

Jesus Christ said that Moses' law on divorce condones adultery and is contrary to the will and nature of God. If even one law of Moses is contrary to God, then how many more are also? If people are so concerned about biblical "laws of God," then shouldn't they support forced marriage and reproduction, polygamy and prohibition of divorce for any reason other than infidelity? If those are no longer valid laws of God, then by what logical reason can any of the biblical laws be still held to as laws of God?

People now live by a system of pick-and-choose over what the Bible says. Jesus Christ also said that marriage does not exist in heaven and is not part of the level God functions at. Marriage is solely an institution of life on this earth for the needs of people. Maybe God is beyond the ignorance of religions and their laws. Maybe mathematical logic applied to law and human behavior is a more solid and consistent revelation of God. What mathematically logical reason is there to condemn same-sex marriages?

Rich Lorimer


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