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posted: 5/24/2013 5:00 AM

Promoting business will ease our debts

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Here's a thought or two: Our former mayor of Chicago leaves a 75-year legacy of outrageous parking meter rates for our next two generations created to solve a short-term budget deficit two years ago. The city council members who voted this outrage in are still in office. Why?

Our president and his current administration leave a outrageously expanding national debt to the next generations of our nation by adding to our ever expanding deficit. Our elected officials in Congress are still in office. Study their views and vote them out in 2014. Let's change it up!

Obamacare will certainly be the most challenging U.S. financial hurdle we Americans have ever faced and will force millions of our fellow hardworking Americans into lower level employment and higher health care costs for people who currently enjoy heath care benefits and those families and small businesses who buy their own coverage.

The only thing that makes sense is to foster a business environment that promotes innovation, manufacturing, sales growth and the resulting profits to pay for these debts we have created. Workers pay taxes and taxes fund our government. When government expenses overwhelm our taxpayer-produced revenues we fall into the role of a gigantic debtor.

The federal government knows that printing money and devaluing our currency in the world marketplace does not work yet they do it under the code name quantitative easing. A weakened dollar buys less in the world marketplace and is a hidden tax on all of us in the form of higher retail costs. There are dozens of new hidden taxes heading your way in the way of higher costs for gasoline, health care, groceries. Let's wake up and do the right thing. Let's grow our U.S. business and reap the rewards.

Brian Murphy

Des Plaines

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