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posted: 5/24/2013 4:40 AM

Do pols represent you or the NRA?

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Do pols represent you or the NRA?

Those senators who voted against the bill expanding background checks for gun purchases are telling us that they are satisfied with the way things are now. The occasional massacre of innocents in schools, theatres, stores, parades and businesses is OK, so long as the NRA and gun fanatics (since most gun owners would not mind common sense gun control) can do whatever they wish however they want.

Most of us realize that expanding background checks to gun shows and even private sales would make it more difficult for known criminals to purchase guns. Most of us realize that limiting the number of bullets one gun can shoot before reloading would reduce the number of people that could be shot quickly. Tightening gun regulations would give police officers more options when going after gangs.

More guns are not the answer. Having a gun is no guarantee that someone will not outshoot you, or steal your weapon or use your weapon against you. If it was, police officers would not lose their lives in the line of duty.

We need to take these first small steps to protect the citizens -- not the gun makers, the gun sellers and the gun fanatics. Please let your legislators know what you expect from them. Tell them you will vote depending on whether they are representing you or the NRA.

Linda Dickey


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