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posted: 5/20/2013 5:00 AM

We're giving up rights in name of safety

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Regarding Mary Fischer's letter of May 4, she obviously, like many others, doesn't have a clue regarding gun control. Naturally everyone wants to feel safe, but how does rendering a person defenseless make him safer? When seconds count are you willing to rely on the police being only minutes away? Are you really willing to put complete trust in government to provide for your protection? Throughout history there are numerous examples of how governments first disarmed their citizens then rounded up and killed all the "undesirables" and enslaved the rest.

You say that can't happen here, that we have a constitution that ensures our rights. Well don't be too sure of that! Particularly if you are not willing to stand up and demand that all your rights are not to be tampered with.

Note that with every major terror attack we were told we needed to give up more and more of them all in the name of safety. But after you have given up all your rights in the name of safety, just how safe will you actually be if you no longer have any rights? So then contrary to popular belief all this clamoring for more gun control has nothing to do with ensuring your safety but rather just the opposite. It is about you becoming a slave and allowing government to eventually control all aspects of your life. Thus the sole purpose of the Second Amendment is to provide the people with the means to say very loudly and clearly: No, we will not go in that direction.

Richard Gideon


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