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posted: 5/18/2013 5:00 AM

Presidency is most unethical in history

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Here's a primer of recent history. President Obama is late to react to virtually any domestic or international crisis. He refuses every offer of help after the BP oil rig explosion, and allows the oil to reach our shores causing an environmental disaster. He sues southwestern states as they attempt to control the flow of illegal immigrants. The states sue Obama over immigration and, later, Obamacare. Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to prosecute Black Panthers on the basis that voter protection laws were not meant to protect "whites." Then there is the "Fast and Furious" scandal. One dead American agent, thousands of dead in Mexico and Central America.

Since the nationalization of GM, its stock has dropped by half. Then there is Solyndra. Then, Obama admitting there are no "shovel-ready" jobs. He lies about Obamacare allowing you to keep your doctor -- premiums won't go up -- it will reduce the debt, etc. Then Benghazi. Major scandal indicating that Hillary Clinton and Obama squelched CIA info that warned them of such an attack, and then invented the lie that a video caused everything.

Now it's the IRS scandal, government offices and agencies used to target conservative groups. Then there is the attack by his administration against the journalists; even the ones who previously supported him. Now it seems that the EPA has also been used to illegally attack conservative groups.

Obama's only competence has been in assigning equally incompetent people to high offices. His administration has been the most unethical, immoral and criminal administration in U.S. history. Question: If Obama, America's first anti-president, and his criminal administration would lie so often about what they have been doing and who they are, is it possible they have lied to you about conservatives and Republicans?

David Caldarola

Hoffman Estates

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